Pioneering in the plastic industry

From vision to values

We seek long-term relationships based on constructive cooperation. Our efforts to enhance cooperation towards a more distinctive position in our industrial fields lead us to build relationships that recognize the challenges and demands of customers, large or small. We recognize what is most important, and provide answers and cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission

Offering high quality products and services through innovation and excellence in our operations, while achieving the aspirations of all our clients.

Our vision

To become the leading global company in the plastic industry

Who we are

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Our Policy

  • Provide the lowest cost products to suit the requirements and needs of customers.
  • Keeping up with the client in all his activities and needs
  • Work to meet the needs of customers and increase the interest they receive, through the work system to ensure the participation of staff - and the continuous development of performance in all stages of work.

Our Vision

  • One source for all your needs.
  • Local and international services
  • fast response.
  • Detailed solutions according to customer request
  • Value and quality of two elements.

Our Strategy

  • Provide the best solutions and the least expensive.
  • We aim to be your first and most effective partner, in order to provide better services and ensure the highest quality. We invest in our production capacity continuously.

We were happy to work with

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Main office location

  • 6273 Jeddah 3rd Industrial City Jeddah، Djeddah 22772
  • 012613143
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